Honeycomb Portfolio

We are deferring
to the world's longest
standing CEO:
Mother Nature.

Honeycomb Portfolio is an early stage investment vehicle which deploys capital through a regenerative economic thesis.

This perspective is one that nudges us to move from a linear traditional model of economic growth to a circular more inclusive framework. Much like a natural ecosystem, Honeycomb Portfolio is evergreen and all profits are redistributed to new emerging social enterprises.

Email us to request access to our open sourced diligence process intended to ask new questions of investors and entrepreneurs.

We achieve outsized impact and ROI by applying six key principles of nature's patterns to our investment selection process.

01 Alignment

The company provides a transparent value proposition & solves a tangible problem outside of commerce.

02 Efficiency

The company holistically considers efficiency fiscally, across human resources, materials, and manufacturing.

03 Cycles

There is a natural cyclical use or need to the product, idea or venture.

04 Interdependence

The company sees itself as part of a larger eco-system and has considered how they affect and interact within the larger environment in which they exist.

05 Transformation

The company is re-imagining a question, problem, and/or framing an opportunity in a transformational manner.

06 Expansion

The model of expansion is engineered into the DNA of venture and will not scale at the cost of the team, consumers or environment.