Honeycomb Portfolio

We are deferring
to the world's longest
standing CEO:
Mother Nature.

We are early stage investors who believe capital should be deployed with the consideration of the greater world. Anchored in the reminder that we are biological organisms and live within a well run system with billions of years of successful R&D, we invest in early stage companies who create within nature’s intuitive intelligence. We are industry agnostic, sustainably focused, and don’t like speaking in third person.

Our investment framework emulates six principles of nature, and is embodied by the hexagonal pattern of the honeycomb.

01 Alignment

The company provides a transparent value proposition & solves a tangible problem outside of commerce.

02 Efficiency

The company holistically considers efficiency fiscally, across human resources, materials, and manufacturing.

03 Cycles

There is a natural cyclical use or need to the product, idea or venture.

04 Interdependence

The company sees itself as part of a larger eco-system and has considered how they affect and interact within the larger environment in which they exist.

05 Transformation

The company is re-imagining a question, problem, and/or framing an opportunity in a transformational manner.

06 Expansion

The model of expansion is engineered into the DNA of venture and will not scale at the cost of the team, consumers or environment.

Current Portfolio


seen in:
Business Insider
Bio Materials, Mycelium Technology


seen in:
Biocement, Construction, Bacteria

Fresh Coast Capital

Coming Soon
Urban Renewal, Reforestation, Community


Coming Soon


seen in:
Infant Nutrition, Women's Co-op

Industrial Organic

seen in:
Fast Company
Waste Management, Anaerobic Digestion

Maven Clinic

seen in:
Telemedicine, Women's Health, Community


seen in:
Shared Economy, Technology , Storage


Coming Soon
Technology , Bio Feedback, Empathy


seen in:
The New Yorker
Technology, Celebration


Coming Soon
Education, Technology, Global Connection


End of life , Planning , Technology